East End Cellars Masterclass: Two Good Looking Roosters Showcase

Date: 30 April      
Location: Glasshouse Tasting Room | Town Square , Adelaide

Two good looking roosters showcase their current releases with Steve Flamsteed (Giant Steps) and Michael Downer (Murdoch Hill Wines). The theme they are going for is “perfume and structure” to give a good insight in to the similarities and differences of the Yarra Valley and Adelaide Hills. We are lining up single vineyards vs a selected blend in each case also

2016 Murdoch Hill Chardonnay

2016 Giant Steps Yarra Chardonnay

 2016 Murdoch Hill ‘The Tilbury’ Chardonnay

2016 Giant Steps Sexton vineyard Chard

 2016 Murdoch Hill Pinot Noir

2016 Giant Steps Yarra Pinot Noir

2016 Murdoch Hill ‘The Phaeton’ Pinot Noir

2016 Giant Steps Applejack vineyard Pinot  

 2015 Murdoch Hill Syrah

2015 Giant Steps Yarra Syrah

 2016 Murdoch Hill ‘The Landau’ Syrah

2015 Giant Steps Tarraford vineyard Syrah

 Museum wines to be shown at the bar at the conclusion of the event:

 2010 Giant Steps Applejack Pinot Noir

2013 Murdoch Hill Landau Syrah


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