Clayton Wells


Makers at the Market Demo Program with Clayton Wells

Date: 4 May      
Location: Adelaide Central Market - Community Kitchen , Adelaide

The Community Kitchen in the Adelaide Central Market is the best place to catch your food heroes in action during Tasting Australia 2017, with a series of FREE cooking demonstrations.

Clayton Wells – Tasting Australia Festival Star | 12PM - 12:45PM

Clayton Wells was named as The Weekend Australian Magazine’s hottest chef of 2016, and has a work history that includes a bucket-list of restaurants around the world. 

Wells has worked in kitchens at Quay, Tetsuya’s and NOMA, before his ultimate creation came to life; Automata in Sydney’s Kensington Street. 

The menu at Automata reflects Wells’ varied background and experience, with a freedom and energy that spills effortlessly from the kitchen to the dining room and beyond. 


Adelaide Central Market