East End Cellars Masterclass: 10 Years of Wendouree

Date: 7 May      
Location: Charred Tasting Room | Town Square , Adelaide

AP Birks Wendouree Cellars is one of the most historic properties in the Clare Valley, and is touted as one of Australia’s greatest wine estates. Here’s your chance to find out why.

Hosted by wine writer Nick Stock, this tasting session will traverse the soil of the Clare Valley vineyard in the form of ten distinct wines, with debate and analysis led by winemakers Stephen George (Ashton Hills) and Colin McBryde (Some Young Punks).

With the wines only available via a fully subscribed mailing list, and a waiting list packed with people hoping for misfortune to fall upon those in front of them, opportunities to explore the wines in this format are rare.

Tasting includes matched local cheeses.


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