Gin Society at The Howling Owl

Date: 14 April      
Location: The Howling Owl , Adelaide

Spend an evening at Adelaide’s premier gin den to discover the distinct flavours of South Australia. Meet some of the state’s leading gin makers, pick up inside knowledge about the distilling process and preparation of gin, taste a broad range of gin varieties and sample delicious local produce to accompany your tipple. For the super enthusiasts, join the Kangaroo Island Spirits bootlegging session to make your own handcrafted bottle of gin, choosing from a range of native and traditional botanicals and distillates to create your own unique blend. Guests will also take home tonic syrup produced by one of South Australia’s leading brands, Blend Etiquette, and creators Lindon Lark and Geordan Elliss will explain the origins of the elixir. Emerging stars Hugh Lumsden & Angus Rawson from Lyrebird Distilling Company will also join the Gin Society for a session exploring how the fruits and herbs chosen to garnish a gin infuse the concoction.


The Howling Owl

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