Glasshouse Kitchen - Seed & Soil

Date: 18 April      
Location: Glasshouse Kitchen. Town Square , Adelaide

Lavish plates bursting with flavour. Fresh, crispy, crunchy bites with every mouthful. Unbridled colour and creativity.

This is the feast full of goodness that awaits mid-week diners at Glasshouse Kitchen.

Maverick festival director Simon Bryant will tap into his personal ethos of delicious, ethically sourced, sustainable food that allows the produce to shine.

Joining him for the adventure are Italy’s Pastry Chef of the Year 2017 Andrea Tortora (three-Michelin starred St Hubertus, AT Patissier, Italy), Paul West (River Cottage Australia) and local champion Jyoti Bindu (Pollen 185, Adelaide).

Together they will create a meal that satisfies your every craving and celebrates vegetables, grains, legumes and dairy as the main event. Broths rich in umami flavour, grains copiously covered with luscious sauces and embellishments, and vegetables so fresh and delicious that even the most skeptical carnivore will be converted

Each course will be matched with premium wines from East End Cellars including Bellwether Wines, Kalleske Wines and Alpha Box & Dice. 

** All dietary requirements for each individual ticket are required to complete the booking. Please have them ready when finalising your purchase.


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