Andrea Totora

Andrea Totora

His speciality? Panettone.

Andrea Tortora is the son of confectioners who has honed his pastry skills from Paris to London, from Singapore to Venice. 

Since 2015 Tortora has worked alongside Norbert Niederkolfer at St Hubertus of Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa in San Cassiamo (Dolomites). 

In 2017 he was appointed Maestro AMPI and esteemed Italian culinary guides Il Gambero Rosso and Identita Golose named him Pastry Chef of the Year.

His speciality? Panettone. Under the title AT Patissier, Tortora has established a brand of premium yeast products served with contemporary elegance. His 1kg panettone glassato includes the highest quality ingredients and adopts the most traditional method of processing the mother yeast.

Events featuring Andrea Totora

Glasshouse Kitchen - Seed & Soil | 18 April

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