If You're Game at Town Square

13 April - by Lynda Grace

Words and Pictures by Lynda Grace

Last year Alana Brabin was working for Lyndoch Hill winery to present flame-grilled meats as part of Charred at Tasting Australia 2017. 

She’s back in Tasting Australia’s Town Square for Charred 2018, but this time with her own business, If You’re Game.

If You’re Game is her brainchild, created in October 2017 with the help of Albert, an Argentinean winemaking friend and chargrill expert. 

Together they designed and built the grills, mounting them on a trailer for mobility; Red Gum and charcoal was sourced from the Riverland to fire it up.

Brabin appreciates the support of Mandy & Mark Creed, owners of Lyndoch Hill, who generously gifted her the equipment that was used at the 2017 Tasting Australia event. 

Her catering business has now expanded to include local events, private parties and food and wine festivals all over the country.

It is very important to Brabin how the animals that she cooks are raised and cared for, so she works closely with her suppliers to find the best local game. 

Sometimes it is wild, as in the dish of “wild-caught rabbit in a creamy bacon sauce of bacon, garlic and foraged porcini served on pearl couscous,” being served at Charred this year. 

She also uses Birdwood Venison, Barossa Ducks and Free Range Pork from Clare.

Foraged ingredients and veggies from her garden, such as pumpkin and eggplant, are also cooked over the coals. 

Even purees and sauces stay warm in pots on the grill.

Happy with the response at Tasting Australia to her flame-cooked catering, Brabin expects to be back at Charred in 2019 - and it will be interesting to see how the business continues to grow in the next 12 months.

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