Feasting on Film

Date: 5 May      
Location: Glen Ewin Estate Pulpshed , Lower Hermitage

Meet friends for a sumptuous night of film and feast at the iconic Glen Ewin Estate. The family are passionate about the coming together of food, family and friends, and also the beauty of classic filmography. At this unique event you will consume the 1987 Academy Award winning gastro-film, Babette’s Feast, while enjoying a five-course meal inspired by the film. Babette’s Feast captures the powerful role food plays in the loves and lives of each of our family members, and how the property ties in with the rich tapestry of the Estate. We’ll immerse you in this remarkable film, while serving each of Babette’s five courses, recreated using South Australian produce. Set in the heart of the estate with our extensive fig tree orchard, long tables will be laid in Babette’s fashion, bringing together all the senses for one evening.


Glen Ewin Estate
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